People think gluten free foods are healthier because they are marketed as being free from something.  The absence of gluten does not mean a product is better for you or that it will help you lose weight.

Things such as gluten free cookies and cakes are still cakes and cookies. For people with celiac disease these foods are essential if they want a treat once in a while; however for the rest of the population they are completely unnecessary and can be even worse for you than their gluten-containing counterpart.  They are usually higher in sugar, fat and other ingredients to improve their taste. In addition the cost of these products is astronomically more expensive.

When wheat flour is removed from a product they swap it out with lower nutrient flours like rice or tapioca. For people without celiac disease or gluten sensitivities your body will treat these carbohydrates the same way it treats refined wheat flour and therefore there’s no health benefit.  As the carbohydrates in these foods are digested they trigger unhealthy spikes in blood sugar and insulin that promote the storage of body fat and contribute to overeating.

While everything is okay in moderation and it’s awesome to have so many gluten free products available, for people who have celiac or diagnosed gluten intolerance, the healthiest foods for everybody are naturally gluten free. People should focus on diets full of fruits and vegetables.

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