Eating around Jersey City as a celiac is not as easy as one might expect. Aside for the typical issues one might encounter such as cross contamination, there is a general lack of understanding related to the allergy. This is likely due to the gluten free trend from a few years ago. As a local dietitian in Hudson County, I feel like its my responsibility to write reviews of a few restaurants which constantly serve me safely. These are only my favorites. Being a celiac shouldn’t impact your lifestyle. Below is the best gluten free guide to Jersey City.

Uncle Momo
(201) 360-3914
289 Grove St
Jersey City, New Jersey 07302

This French Lebanese restaurant is easily one of my favorite restaurants in Jersey City. The owner is incredibly hospitable and most of the menu is gluten free. I’ve eaten here around 40 times and never been sick once. Most of the menu is gluten free, and the markings on the menu are completely accurate. They do not have a dedicated fryer, so make sure you mention your allergy to the server. The hummus is easily some of the best I’ve had, and they will happily substitute vegetables for pita. I also love their salmon and chicken kebabs. At brunch the Tunisian eggs are phenomenal as well. The crepes they make are celiac friendly since their lentil, which are unique at least for the area. They also have a location in Montclair New Jersey. I haven’t eaten there but I assume the menu and hospitality are at least as good. 

Saigon Café
(201) 332-8711
188 Newark Ave
Jersey City NJ, 07302

This Vietnamese restaurant is another one of my go to spots.  Typically Asian cuisines are tricky for Celiacs, but Vietnamese is probably the safest one. The noodles are made of rice flour, and they don’t use as much soy sauce or wheat products as other countries. The owners are extremely nice, and knowledgeable about Gluten. The menu again is very well marked. I’ve quizzed them on several items and eaten a large portion of the menu at this point. Its safe if you identify your allergy. Make sure they don’t put any crispy shallots on your dish since they don’t have a gluten free fryer. My favorites are the chicken pho(or veggie pho with chicken)(no shallots), the chicken satay’s, the summer rolls(they have 2 peanut sauces and the one for the summer rolls is not gluten free so avoid that and ask for fish sauce), the shrimp curry in acorn squash, and the grilled salmon with yellow ginger sauce. 

(201) 389-4110
12 Coles Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

This Mexican restaurant has a great vibe and is very safe as well. My only knock on this joint is they don’t have a dedicated fryer and they make their chips so unfortunately those are off limits for us celiacs. If you get the guacamole, they will give you corn tortillas which is still a good way to enjoy it. The menu’s markings are accurate though if you avoid the fryer, and as always tell your server about the allergy in case they decide to put a rogue topping on a dish. The menu constantly changes, but I’m a huge fan of the tacos al pastor, and the salad(no tortilla strips). The drinks are great here as well, a very under rated aspect of eating in a city which is mostly BYOB. 

Left Bank Burger Bar
(201) 630-4692
194 Newark Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07302

This burger joint is another safe place for allergen conscious eaters. They offer gluten free buns, but my personal favorite is the lettuce wedge. They do not have a gluten free fryer unfortunately so no fries. The servers are knowledgeable about gluten, and since burgers can sometimes be a tricky meal confirm that they didn’t change the recipes for the patties themselves, and make sure toppings are safe. 

If your looking to be able to eat fries with your burger? Bareburger in Hoboken is extremely safe for Celiacs too! 

Amelias Bistro
(201) 332-2200
187 Warren Street
Jersey City NJ, 07302

This restaurant slings New American comfort food to its customers. The menu changes quite a bit, but the markings are accurate. The menu is marked with items which are gluten free, gluten free optional, and also vegetarian. Every server I’ve ever had knows what is safe, and the kitchen really does too. If you get a gluten free optional item make sure you identify to your server the allergy so the chef can properly modify the dish. You should be saying this regardless, but a friendly reminder never hurt anyone. Most recently I loved the roasted salmon with no chorizo. I also enjoy most of their salads. 

Busy Bee Organics
451 Palisade Ave
Jersey City NJ, 07307
175 seconds street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

This is restaurant is entirely gluten free. Everything on the menu is safe. They have a wide variety of breakfasts, lunches, and baked goods. The egg sandwich on a bagel is awesome, they bring the bagels in from WHO’s gluten free in Paramas. 

Brick Lane Curry House 
(201) 402-4950
136 Newark Ave
Jersey City NJ, 07302

 Indian food should be one of the safer cuisines since they don’t use much wheat, however due to cross contamination it often is not. The owner of this restaurant understood the allergy. Avoid anything that comes out of the tandoor oven. That unfortunately goes for most Indian restaurants in America. They typically make bread at the same time as they cook meat, so it could(and often does) get cross contaminated. Typically the curry dishes are safe(as long as the meat was cooked in the sauce), and this restaurants are.  Also this restaurant uses white vinegar in its vinegar containing sauces which is celiac friendly. Many Indian restaurants use malt vinegar which is not safe.

East Hana
(201) 984-0709
103 Montgomery Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

New sushi spot which is extremely good. They are good with cross contamination and have gluten free soy sauce. The owner was extremely nice as well. 

Teppan Grill
(201) 451- 9989
319 Warren Street
Jersey City NJ, 07302

This Japanese restaurant has very good sushi, and also gluten free hibachi. Unfortunately us celiac’s will need our hibachi made in the kitchen, but it is very safe. They have gluten free soy sauce for the sushi. 


I’ve tried a lot of other restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken which I ate at safely, but I either don’t go often, or I felt like it was a bit of an adventure. Make sure you ask a lot of questions like I did. Here’s a list:

Tamborim – It’s a new Brazilian restaurant. The cuisine is typically easy but I’ve only gone once so I can’t put it in the fully trust column. The drinks are quite good though so they’re getting another shot. 

Rumba Cubana – I ate here a few times but they didn’t really know what gluten was. The cuisine they serve is one of the safer ones but you’ll need to be smart about ordering. 

Taqueria Viva Mexico – Mexican food is typically safe if you avoid typical issues and chefs don’t get creative. I ate here a few times but they don’t really know what gluten is. 

Skinners Loft – Its been awhile but they served me safely multiple times. The server’s understood the allergy

Matthews Food and Drink – I only went once and the menus not marked but the waitress I had understood the allergy. The menu rotates a lot and my husband and I never seem to like the menu at the same time which is why they never got a second shot. 

The Cuban in Hoboken – I’ve eaten here a few times safely

The Madison in Hoboken – I only ate here a couple times but again it was safe

Chipotle and Cava – Just ask them to change their gloves, and avoid any bread products. Cava ingredients rotate but there accurately marked, just ask. 

Want to learn how to eat healthy while eating the foods you love? Contact me I’m happy to work with you and help you end the diet cycle.   

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