The number one question I get from people the second I tell them I’m a Dietitian is “can you give me a diet?” or “what diet should I be on?” I’m going to let you in on secret. Diets do not work. What works is lifestyle changes. Think to yourself can you see yourself eating this way when your 80? If you can’t it’s not a life style change. Below are my top tips to help you ditch dieting and start eating healthier.

Make Vegetables The Center Of Your Meal

Most people view vegetables as the sad accompaniment to their dinner that their parents forced them to eat as a child. Plan what your cooking for the week around your vegetables instead of protein. By making these rainbow colored beauties the center of your meal you’ll actually want to eat them. Vegetables are naturally low in calories and high in nutrients. By adding more vegetables to your meal your able to actually eat a larger volume of food. 

Cut The Processed Foods

Technically any food that has been altered from its natural state is considered a “processed food”. However, I’m not talking about things like natural nut butters or frozen vegetables. If you look at a box, package, jar or can of food and don’t understand what the ingredients are it’s probably best to avoid it. 

Drink More Water

I can’t even begin to express how important good hydration is, drinking water can prevent dehydration. Mild dehydration can trigger headaches, darken urine, and cause dry mouth. Water also keeps things moving through the gut. If you’re not drinking enough, it can result in constipation.

Skip the Salt

There are other seasonings out there other than salt. Salt is made up of sodium chloride. Fun fact, using things like Sea Salt, or Himalayan Pink Salt is not better for you! These all contain the same amount of sodium and the main difference between the products is in taste and texture. Too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure, which increases your risk of stroke, heart and kidney disease. Instead season your food with fresh or dried herbs and spices.

Don’t Be Afraid To Indulge

Have you ever noticed when someone tells you that you can’t have something you want it more. Everything is okay in moderation. Restriction can lead to binge eating, obsessive thoughts about what you are eating and feeling crazy around food.