How many times have you seen this meme and laughed at it or even had the experience happen to you? 

Modern diet culture teaches us that achieving a certain look will make all our wildest dreams come true. All you have to do is restrict all your favorite foods that bring you joy and closely monitor every morsel of food you put in your mouth.

I’m going to breakdown some of the things that happen when you choose a salad when you really want (insert food craving here) and the damage it can cause to your physical and mental health.

Pursing Weight Loss Can Trigger Scarcity Mode:

When we don’t get enough food it can consume us. The Minnesota Starvation Study was conducted from 1944-1945. This yearlong clinical study was designed to determine the physiological and psychological effects of dietary restriction. Researchers recruited 36 healthy men. They spent the first three months of the study eating a normal diet of 3,200 calories a day, followed by six months of semi-starvation at 1,570 calories a day (which is higher than most diets allow). 

During the semi starvation stage the men experienced significant decreases in their strength and stamina, body temperature, heart rate and sex drive. The psychological effects were also significant.  For the participants food became a subject of fascination and motivation. Food consumed the men, many began collecting recipes or studied cookbooks.

Demonizing Certain Foods and/or Food Groups Can Make Us Think About Them MORE:

When someone tells you that you can’t have something it make you want it more. This is especially true with food. When we restrict foods, it can lead to intense feelings of deprivation that can build into an uncontrollable craving. When you finally get your hands on the food the result is often binging.

Research shows that 97 percent of people who lose weight through dieting will regain it (AND THEN SOME). So why would you starve yourself and take all the joy out of eating the foods you want when it’s not going to work in the long run? 

Want to learn how to eat healthy while eating the foods you love? Contact me I’m happy to work with you and help you end the diet cycle.   

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