Working from home can be challenging for people. It’s easier to get side tracked than at the office, and it often leads people to be more relaxed. This is especially true, when businesses are closed due to a pandemic which is keeping people inside and interrupting most people’s lives. After living on my couch during the first day of us working from home during the Corona Virus(COVID-19) scare with my husband, and eating a giant bag of organic tortilla chips in a single afternoon I decided things needed to change. If things continued on that pace we’d probably gain 20 pounds, and eat through our entire emergency food stash within 3 days. Below is a list of what I recommend you consider doing to not only pass the time while working from home/quarantined, but it will also add structure to your life to keep you healthy

Replace Your Commute

Being from New York we are used to a lot of walking. We have decided to start and end each day taking our beloved Pomeranian Baxter for a mile walk.

Actually Get Dressed

While it’s tempting to wear pajamas all day when you are in lounge clothes you may find yourself in a lounge mentality.

Don’t Make Your Relax Space Your Working Space

To boost productivity and avoid straining your neck try to set up an unofficial office in your home like the corner of your kitchen table.

Set Official Working Hours 

To avoid working too much or too little set up official working hours and stick to them as much as possible.

Set Aside Time For Meals

Instead of raiding your pantry and eating snacks all day set aside time for a balanced lunch. Additionally pre package your snacks like you would if you were going into the office to avoid over indulging.

Don’t Forget To Workout

Every Monday through Thursday I go to Cross Fit at 5:30PM. Try to do exercises at home and stay in your fitness routine. There are easy to do workouts from home you can find on websites like youtube, that don’t require equipment and will keep you healthy.

Be Grateful For Your Health

The reason this is all happening, and people are mostly at home during the covid scare, is to protect the elderly and those with comprised immune systems. Remember that and stay positive. We will all get through this together.