I recently went on a trip to Peru, and I was struggling to find a good resource online for gluten free travel in the country. As a celiac, its better to be prepared before making a trip to a country where your not fluent in the language.

Generally many of the main dishes like ceviche are safe, however a surprising amount of food in the country contains soy sauce or other gluten based ingredients. I had a friend write up a card for me to show to waiters, and it worked great. I’ve attached it here so that way anybody can use it. Many websites want you to pay them money for this type of card, but I didn’t think that was fair. Information that helps people stay healthy should be free. Please keep in mind, that while this card was extremely helpful, you should remain vigilant while using it, and take typical safety precautions before consuming the food. Waiters and chefs do make mistakes occasionally, so if you see something on your plate that looks like it may contain gluten, please ask before consuming.