My Story

Hey I’m Alyssa Rothschild Taxin, RDN, CDN. My decision to pursue the career path of becoming a registered dietitian came as a result of a variety of experiences where nutrition has affected my life. Throughout my entire life I have loved nutrition. In fact when I just in the 6th grade I switched my entire family to eating whole grains.

My love of science and food fueled me to decide to major in nutrition at Syracuse University. Little did I know how much food and nutrition would impact my life personally.

During my freshman year of college after a long haul of medical problems I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I had to adapt to a gluten free life style before it was “trendy”. Instead of becoming scared of food I embraced it. I developed a passion for cooking (and eating) gluten-free foods from different cultures around the world.

This diagnosis shaped my life indefinitely and allowed me to be able to see first hand how dietary changes could drastically change someone’s life for the better.

Professional Bio

Alyssa Taxin is a Registered Dietitian based in Jersey City, NJ. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Syracuse University. Having almost 10 years’ experience in clinical practice, Alyssa uses her expertise and a non-diet to empower people to take charge of their health. In 2020, Alyssa opened her private practice, where she specializes in intuitive eating, medical nutrition therapy, women’s health (including pregnancy) and digestive disorders. Alyssa believes in a science-based approach to nutrition by focusing on real foods for individuals to achieve their best health.